Popular and Best Related Posts WordPress Plugins

Recently I discussed about decreasing bounce rate. There I mentioned about importance of related posts at the end of every post. It should increase number of page views with in your blog. Increase in page-views is one of the most important think for any blog or website. As the number of page views increases bounce rate will decrease. A small percentage bounce rate is help full for SEO. That should also increase number of comments, readers will start loving your blog. Which in turn results to rapid growth of your blog. Related posts WordPress plugin will give its own contribution for a faster growth. Today I will discuss some of the popular related posts WordPress plugins.

Related Posts WordPress Plugins

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

It is one of the most popular WordPress plugin for showcasing related posts. I am using YARPP in this blog and I am happy with its performance. But it will not show thumbnails along with related posts. With some tweaks you can easily enable that feature. You can easily set number of related posts to show after every posts. You can easily control how to display related posts.

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts WordPress plugin is a widely used WordPress plugin. I am using same WordPress plugin in one of my blog. Some of the advantages are Display Related Posts automatically in content / feed With out editing any single line of code.

Related Posts Thumbnails

It is a customizable plugin, that nicely displays related posts thumbnails under the post. Plugin allows to customize thumbnail sizes, display settings and type of relation. By default it uses generated by WordPress thumbnail for the first image appeared in the post, that was uploaded on the server with sizes as set in Media settings. You can select between ‘thumbnail’ and ‘medium’ size options.

nrelate Related Content

It is one of the popular WordPress plugin for showing related contents. Installing this plugin is as simple as activating it, and you can leave the rest to nrelate. Once activated, the nrelate servers will immediately begin analyzing your website content and associating similar articles. You can display related posts in different ways. This plugin uses nRelate servers to load related posts. That will reduce load on your servers.


LinkWithin is a popular and famous related post WordPress plugin. But it is widely used in blogger blogs. Using LinkWithin you can easily show related posts in any blogging platform. It is very easy to set and will show image thumbnails along with text. This plugin should increase number of page-views and in result readers will engage reading more contents in your blog.

Microkid’s Related Posts

It is a related post WordPress plugin from microkid. This plugin will help you to Increase your pageviews and SEO by manually selecting related posts for your content. You have to manually insert related posts in each post. But that may help to show exact results as compared machine generated related posts.


Adding a related posts WordPress plugin should improve number of page views. But this plugins may increase load on server and which will take little more time to load. Please also make a look at must have WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins for comment spam in WordPress. I think you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any suggestions please mention here as a comment. If you know any other related posts plugin suggest here for our readers.

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  1. Amit Shaw (http://www.itechcode.com) says

    i am not using any plugin for related posts but i hope after winning giveway from Skyafar i will need YARPP for it. :) Thanks for sharing the list.

  2. Ahsan (http://www.techdesighn.com) says

    I am using Yet Another Related Posts Plugin & Linkwithin. They are very helpful plugins to show related articles. Thanks for share

  3. Nepali Movies says

    Thanks, these plugins are really great way to increase page views. I was searching for such plugins. thanks admin for share …

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