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SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” If you are a newbie you may ask a question. What is search engine optimization? After referring a lot of articles and books about SEO “It is a method of optimizing your website to work better with search engines”. In this post I will concentrate more on SEO for blogs. WordPress is a widely used blogging platform. I started using WordPress just 5 months ago. After that I learned a lot about WordPress and WordPress SEO.

Starting WordPress SEO

You may get bit confused with term “Starting WordPress SEO”. I never think about SEO before starting this blog. All in One SEO Pack was the first WordPress SEO plugin that I installed in this blog. After a month of blogging I understood there are plenty of ways to improve SEO of WordPress blogs. That re thinking about WordPress SEO did helped me a lot. As an immediate action I changed to WordPress SEO by Yoast. There started learning WordPress SEO after installing WordPress seo plugin.

Recently I read Search Engine Optimization for beginners from Google. Make a look at that search engine optimization guide for beginners. I am taking some important points from it, And trying to explain how WordPress SEO plugin will help you to meet better search engine optimization that Google loves.

Disclaimer: I am not an SEO expert and I am explaining all these things with my experience and  knowledge. Don’t trust me 100% but can trust me 99.999%. I am explaining most part of this post using WordPress SEO plugin. If I am going on wrong way or misleading my readers please let me know where I am going Wrong.

WordPress SEO plugin

Installing a WordPress plugin is a so simple. Just goes through admin area and add a new plugin. Search for “WordPress SEO” and install it.

Titles and Title Tags

A title tag tells both users and search engines about the subject of your web page . Thetag should be placed within the tag. You should always wise to choose titles of each posts or pages in your WordPress blog. Remember to keep unique titles for each posts. One another common mistake that most people do is irrelevant title tags. Make sure your title tags should be appropriate title for that post or page.

WordPress SEO will help you to add SEO titles in each page of your blog. Which means keeping unique titles is some what easy using this plugin. If your blog is there on a search result page title tag will appear as first line in the results page. That will give idea to readers about content of your page.

Description Meta Tag

There are plenty of meta tags that you can insert into each post in your blog. But one and most important thing is description meta tag. A blog post description meta tag gives search engines a summary about that particular post. So it is the most important thing for an optimized post along with title tag.

Along with SEO boost there is some more benefits for adding Description meta tags. Google and other search engines might show description as snippets. This will increase users interest if they find best answer for their question before entering website. So prepare proper meta descriptions and get more CTR from search engines.  WordPress SEO plugin will help you to easily insert meta description in each posts. Have a look at the screen shot above.

Link Structure

It is one another important thing that you have to take care. First of all you have to fix a particular permalink structure for your blog posts. In WordPress you can easily opt any particular permalink structure from many options out there at WordPress dashboard. Most of SEO experts suggest simple permalink structure Domainname.com/postname/. You can change permalink structure under settings where you will find permalinks.

While creating posts you should take care of using important words in URLs. If your URL contains relevant words, this provides users and search engines with more information. And you have to take care of removing commonly used words in URLs. WordPress SEO plugin Page Analysis section will help to remove stop words from WordPress URLs.


Keyword or a particular search word is the most important thing to get targeted visitors from search engines. So you have to concentrate more on selecting keywords for each post in your blog. You should select keywords which matches to niche of your blogs.  For better keyword and keyword optimization do use Page analysis in WordPress SEO.


Navigation will help both users and search engines. It is a commonsense that better navigation will help users to find information with a rapid speed. Better navigation will help search engines for finding important posts and pages in WordPress blog.

Breadcrumbs are a kind of navigation used for websites. Breadcrumbs  will also improve convenience of users. WordPress SEO plugin will also have breadcrumbs functionality to improve SEO of your blog. Learn more about Breadcrumbs for WordPress blogs.

Creating an archive page with all your posts will also help users. Because better archives will increase page views and less bounce rate.


WordPress SEO  plugin will help you to create a xml Sitemap for your WordPress blog. If you are using any other WordPress plugin for creating XML sitemap you don’t need to use this area of SEO plugin. You should submit XML sitemap through Google Web Master tools for better crawling of your blog.

Canonical URLs

WordPress seo will add a canonical URL to every posts, pages, categories, tags and Home page. It will help to find search engines which is the correct URL within your blog. Some times it will be very necessary if your blog using WWW and Non-WWW. Search engines will always prefer single URL for a particular post or page in your blog. In such a situation you can use a 301 redirection from Non-WWW to WWW or Vice versa.


It is always better to keep a rel=”nofollow” element for those links which is going outside from your blog. That nofollow tag will tell search engine not to follow that particular link. It is always recommended to keep comment links as nofollow to avoid reputation lost of your pages. Sometimes you have to nofollow single post or pages in your WordPress website.  In such cases WordPress SEO plugin will help you to add metarobot noindex and metarobot nofollow using advanced area in Meta box.

Improve Quality of Contents

Quality of contents will increase user interest. Quality of a blog is decided by many factors. Quality in Domain, Hosting, design etc are very important.  Quality of text will also help to get better results from search engines. Quality of text means a post without grammatical errors and spell checked.

If you are writing about a topic, should always stick with contents related to the that topic. And one another important aspect is “Write for readers”. Have a look at this post on how to prepare a blog post. If you want to write for readers then look for what query they are making in search engines. Use Google Keyword Tool to find what people are searching. While using keyword research tool make sure to keep an eye on related searches. You can use that keywords to increase more search engine attention.


Discipline is one of the most important thing to improve SEO. Your blog posts should be well structured. Small paragraphs with headings will help to get better attention.

WordPress SEO plugin will give you a lot of opportunities and it also simplifies Search Engine Optimization of a WordPress blog. I discussed many points to optimize your WordPress blog. Is that enough? One another important traffic source for a blog can be Google Images.

SEO for Images

In WordPress blogs optimizing images for Search engines is somewhat very easy.  You may think how you can optimize images. 1. Image file name should be related to keyword or even keyword itself. 2. Image file type should be JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF.  One another important thing is alt tags. (This means alternative text for that image). In WordPress you can autopilot this process of adding alt tags and title tags using a WordPress plugin called SEO friendly images.

Building Back links

SEO experts will call it as off page SEO. In my opinion it is not a better idea to spend a lot of money for building back links. Some simple and easy methods for link building methods are commenting on similar kind of blogs, guest posting, forum posting and creating great contents. Most of the people bloggers will use first 3 methods to use build back links. I think big bloggers only do the 4th method to build back links. If you are capable of making seo optimized great content your single post may get thousands of back links.

Methods of Tracking Traffic from Search Engines

Three top search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. So you have to keep in mind of these three popular Search engines. Google webmaster tools is an easy tool to track search engine traffic from Google. Google analytics will also help you to track search traffic and referred traffic.

Bing webmaster tools is one another important tool for tracking search engine traffic from yahoo and Bing.

Resources for better search engine optimization

Improve your English using Grammar checker tools. Increase page speed of WordPress for user experience and better ranking in Google.

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  1. Ahsan (http://www.techdesighn.com) says

    I already installed WordPress SEO plugin & this plugin seems working excellent. It gives boost in SEO ranking. As a new blogger, your tips will be beneficial

  2. Chris Ainsworth (http://www.hpgroup-seo.co.uk) says

    Thanks Ramnadh, interesting post which does indeed cover some of the key on-page SEO factors. This is great as a beginners guide.

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