How to Find the Web Hosting Company of a Website

Do you want to find Web hosting company of a particular website that you regularly visits?  There are bunch of tools which will help you to find Web Hosting of a website. These tools can be used to find performance of a web hosting company. User experience is the best thing  that you have to check while selecting a web hosting. So I always check web hosting company of blogs, which is providing such a good user experience and fast loading web pages. Here it is some simple tools to find Web Hosting company of a Website.

Web Hosting Company Finder

Whoishostingthis is a free tool that will help you to find web hosting of a website. Whoishostingthis is very simple to use compared to other tools.

Urlvoid is a free service that will help you to find I P address of a website. Urlvoid will help you to find some other details about hosting of a blog. Some of the details includes IP country, Name server details etc. It can also be used to find authority of a website or blog.

V3Whois is a free service that can be used to find web Hosting details of a Website. V3whois can be used to find web hosting IP address, domain name record, name server details, registrar details etc.

Did you know any other tools or services? Please do mention it here to share with my friends.

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