Create Facebook Fan Page a Must Have for Your Brand or Business

Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the recent past. And it is still going strong. Facebook is not just only for entertainment but it got some great power of enhancing your business. If you are an online entrepreneur or webmaster you may already created your Facebook fan page. So having a Facebook fan page is very necessary if you own a website or blog. If you not yet create Facebook fan page, built one and increase value for your brand. Creating Facebook page is damn easy.

Why you need a Facebook page?

It is a very powerful medium for growth of your business. In many ways it will help for your business. Facebook is a very good medium to find new customers. If it is blog or web 2 websites it will help you to engage more fans talking about your business. Which will help you to build a community around your blog. Facebook also got a great ability of driving more traffic in to your website.  I am having a cricket website and during some important cricket matches my blog will get some hundreds of visitors from Facebook itself.

You can create only single Facebook profile but you can make a number of Facebook pages using your single Facebook account. You can check Facebook terms and conditions to know the problems that may come across if you are having more than one Facebook account. Normally people will ask is there any problem for creating a Facebook fan page for his favourite star? Is anybody come across to know who the owner of the Facebook page? Don’t worry about that kind of stuffs. Here is the answer for questions. Your profile name, picture, etc. will never be visible on the page. Not even when you post things on the page (It will show the Facebook fan page information).

Why Offline Business Need a Facebook fan page

I strongly recommend a Facebook fan page for your offline business. Every offline business will do a lot more good results if they are having something online too. Most of them think about creating a website for promoting their offline business. If you are just a starter you may not have enough budget or money for creating a website. In that case Facebook will become very important and will help you to reach your goals. After that you can think about creating a website which will be beneficial in the near future.

How To Create Facebook fan page

Since I created a Facebook page for my blog here I am going to create another Facebook fan page for one of my partner website. It is very simple like counting 1,2,3…….

Go to the and you can find Create Facebook Fan Page at the bottom or directly visit Facebook page create option to make one. Remember you need a Facebook account for creating a Facebook page. If you not yet created a Facebook account create your Facebook account.

Create Facebook Fan Page

If you follow the above link you will come across a screen as shown above. There you can find some 6 categories. I need Brand or product area where Website are included so shout it.

Select website as your category and give a name for your page. Agree terms and conditions and click get started

Step 1

You can upload your photo in this step


You can invite your friends to join this page. Don’t forget to share it with your friend’s option and liking page yourself. And continue towards next step.

Step 3

you asked to enter Facebook page basic information like name of your website and short bio about your business. Ie it you created your Facebook fan page yourself for your brand. In my next post I will explain how to set up a welcome tan and necessary apps for your Facebook page. I think you will Create Facebook Fan Page and promote your business. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page.

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