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Wordpress Blog

How to create a WordPress Blog? Installing WordPress in any server is an easy Job, but creating a blog doesn’t mean just installation. We need some good preparation and research before creating a blog.  If you are a newbie and need to create your blog steadily without any disaster just read this guide. So lets start with a Quote from Wikipedia about a blog.

blog (a blend of the term web logs) is a type of website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new content from time to time. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

In this guide we are going to explain some basic steps and necessary tutorials after creating a WordPress blog. Getting free domain name, best web hosting providerfinding the best WordPress theme and many more.

Domain name[Free]

So Getting a domain name is very much important for creating a self hosted blog. If you are planning to get a free blog from blogger you don’t need to get a domain name. To create a professional blog have to start with any of professional blog software self hosted your self.

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We already mentioned about the importance of a good domain name and how it will help to identify your website in millions of websites around there. I recently switched my web host from Hostgator India to Bluehost, I am very happy with the results that I am getting after smooth transfer of my website.

Bluehost is one of the best choice for beginners as they are offering free domain name for an year along with web hosting. Visit Bluehost to purchase web hosting and you will also get some handy discounts from bluehost if you follow the above link.

If you need to check some more web hosting companies don’t stay here, just continue reading.

Hosting for your wordpress Blog

What is self hosted WordPress blog?

WordPress blog hosting space is that place where your blog is hosted or stores. So that every body can view or read the posts from around the world. Here you should remember one thing. Never buy a free hosting for your WordPress blog if do so that will affect performance of your blog. If you are planning to start a self hosted WordPress blog you should get any premium hosting. Are you hosting your WordPress blog on a free hosting server? Then move it to premium hosting to enjoy more freedom and to improve user experience.

“This blog was on a free server and I suffered lot from that free  service. And I moved it to Hostgator India“.

Now this blog is hosted on bluehost. Bluehost is a trusted and reliable web hosting provider since 1996. Which is giving a clear indication about their reputation in web hosting solutions.

Bluehost offers premium web hosting for very small amount with 90 day money back guaranty. Purchase a shared hosting(Offers only shared hosting) from bluehost by completing the next step continuing the home page.

Get a Free Domain name from bluhost

After visiting bluehost enter you domain name details, if you need a free domain name just enter domain name that you need to check for availability.

Select Billing cycle and Enter credit card details

If you prefer to use Hostgator then you can start your blogging for just one cent use coupon code SHAREDONECENT to get this discount.

Read more: Hostgator and discount coupons.

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Installing WordPress On a hosting account

Actually what is mean by installing wordpress? It is a very simple procedure for installing wordpress software on a website server. Now a days many of web hosts supports single click script installs. Or you can refer this simple wordpress tutorial for installing wordpress if your web hosting company is not provided with single click script installs or fantastico tools.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

After purchasing a web hosting account from login to your cpanel that you will get immediately after billing. In cpanel find an icon of WordPress as shown below and click it.

And you will navigate towards simple scripts admin area. There you need to select WordPress as shown below and continue with installation.

Simple scripts Home page

WordPress Install

WordPress Install

Click install button as shown below to enter more details about your domain name and more.

WordPress Installation Last Step

In next step fill out those necessary details and complete the installation.

All the fields in above image is self explainable. Select proper domain name, Set your title and in case if you need to set particular admin name and password. Click here to display button to enter your own admin name, password and email as shown below.

WordPress Admin Details

 Now you are done, now you can access your website by visiting admin area by Now it is time to select proper theme for your new blog.

WordPress Theme

You can either choose a free WordPress theme or buy a premium theme. There are some advantages of using a premium WordPress themes. Read more about importance of Premium wordpress theme. We are using a custom genesis child theme. So we can say is powered by Genesis framework which is known as one of the best premium theme available for WordPress.

If you are just beginning, there is no problem with a free theme. But I always recommend Genesis since they are offering plenty of flexibility.

Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are very important to enhance your blog. Availability of this plugins make WordPress more easier blogging platform than other blogging platforms. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available to enhance your wordpress blog. I made a list of some 5 WordPress plugins which is very essential after WordPress installation. Here it is another list of must have WordPress plugins for your WordPress Blog.

Make a look at the WordPress comment plugins to enhance your WordPress comment system and protect it from spammers.

Essential Settings to Promote your blog

Here it is some of the essential settings to promote your WordPress blog.

Automatic Sharing of Blog Posts to twitter

You can easily share your blog post links to twitter without visiting twitter regularly. If you have several twitter followers it will definitely drive some traffic to your blog. You can easily enable this feature by reading this tutorial. Automatic sharing of blog posts to twitter. If you not yet created twitter account for your blog read this tutorial to create one: Creating twitter account

Automatic Sharing of Blog Posts to Facebook

You can easily share your blog posts to twitter and Facebook. As I told for twitter you can share it to Facebook as well. Automatic Sharing of Blog Posts to Facebook. You can promote your blog in many ways using Facebook. One of the important thing that you should to promote your blog is creating a brand Facebook fan page for your blog.

Google Services for WordPress Blog

Google offering a lot of services for your wordpress blog/website. So you can use this service to enhance your WordPress blog. Services from Google. All these services will help to watch your blog and understand its growth, visitors and many more.


Here I am concluding my short tutorial for creating a better blog. Here I discussed only about setting up, designing and some other essential settings. Most important for a blog is its content and ability to engage more visitors in your blog.

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