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Blogger blogs always get criticized for its in-built search engine optimization. In this post i will explain some of simple tips for improving Blogger Seo. When I started blogging I really hate this term Blog Seo and seo. In these days I learned some tips for improving search engine optimization of blogs. It doesn’t mean that I am a seo expert. I read lots of books, blogs and did some thing my self to improve seo. In these days I spent most of time with blogger blogs and started using WordPress just before 4 months. So this particular tutorial will definitely help to improve your blogger blog seo.

If you are planning to create a blog? Then why you are selecting blogger as your blogging platform. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages. Have a look at some of the disadvantages of blogger blog. If you are still thinking of creating a blogger blog read this handy tutorial to get started with blogger blogs. But I strongly recommend you to create a self hosted WordPress blog which will definitely have great advantage over blogspot blogs.

In my opinion content is king. Really good content will help you to get more customers referred from search engines. If you are writing good content, blog seo will help you to get more hits from search engines. I am not much confident of saying more about copy writing and seo copy-writing. Here I am concentrating more on some simple tweaks that will help you to get better search engine rankings.

Importance of Custom Domain In Blogger Seo

Normally blogger blogs are having a domain name like . You can easily add a custom top-level domain to blogger blog. For getting a domain I recommend you to read getting a custom domain name.

Blogger Title Tags

Titles are very important. Because it will give first impression about content in your blog.

Have a look at the above given image. These kind of post titles in search results  will increase  ctr from Google. Post title can be assigned easily by adding

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>



in blogger blogs.

Adding Meta tags

Adding meta tags are also very important in blogger seo. I think this is one of the main disadvantage of blogger blogs as compared wordpress. In wordpress there are plenty of plugins available to improve seo of blogs by adding different meta elements in each posts and pages. In blogger blogs it is not that much easy to add relevant meta tags in each posts. So it is better to leave search engines to take meta description from that particular post. But you can easily add meta elements to home page

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>
<meta content=” name=’title’/>
<meta content=” name=’description’/>
<meta content=” name=’keywords’/>
<meta content=” name=’author’/>
<meta content=” name=’owner’/>
<meta content=” name=’copyright’/>

 Fill out all these information and add these codes just after  in blogger template. Be care full while adding meta titles, meta description and meta keywords. You should include relevant key words in title, description and keywords as well. More about contents and more details will be explained later in this post.

Heading Tags

Heading tags have relevant importance in seo. These are used to define headings in your blog. Which means your blog title should be h1 and post titles  h2. In blogger blogs post title tags are H3. Which should be changed to H2.Replace this h3 tags with h2 in order for better blogger seo. Don’t forget to change the font size of h2 tags. 20px to 22px are better for h2 heading tags.

Search Engine Submissions

Search engine submissions are very much important. Some search engines may pick up your blogs with out submission. But i suggest you to submit your blog posts to search engines. Please have a look this post for more assistance in search engine submission.

Images Alt Tags Title Tags

Adding an image have some advantage in seo. But you should always remember to add alt tags title tags to each image. It will definitely help you to get more hits from image searches. Have a look at the definition of alt attribute from wikipedia.

The alt attribute is used in HTML and XHTML documents to specify alternative text (alt text) that is to be rendered when the element to which it is applied cannot be rendered. It is also used by “screen reader” software so that a person who is listening to the content of a webpage (for instance, a person who is blind) can interact with this element. In HTML 4.01, the attribute is required for the img and area tags. It is optional for the input tag and the deprecated applet tag.


Advertisements help to get enough money for blogging. Bloggers can monetize their blogs for the expenses and time spending to deliver useful content. What will happen if there is lot more advertisements as compared to text contents? That is not at all good for blogger seo. Recently Google gave a warning about it. So reduce number of advertisements above the fold and get better search engine boost.

I discussed some points. But some of you are feeling confused about it. So here Is the qucik tutorials. It will let you understand about placing of keywords, making a better title etc

  • The page title should contains keyword, at beginning will give more improvement
  • Keyword should contain in page header
  • Keyword should appear in any headings inside post
  • Desired minimum title length 40
  • Keyword should appear in the first paragraph of the body.
  • Keyword should appear in the last paragraph of the body.
  • Minimum one heading tag should appear in body
  • Your post should contain minimum 300 characters
  • Try to add one relevant image
  • Alt tags of image should contain keyword
  • Try to add some out bound links(no followed).
  • Keep on interlinking your posts.
  • Keyword density should be in between 1% to 2%

 Keep an eye on these factors. It should improve seo of your blogger blog. But never use  keyword stuffing techniques and other stuffs which may lead to the punishment of your blog from search results.

Off Page Blogger Seo

I think you already understood what all things that you can do to improve blogger seo. There are some other factors as well which will help to improve seo of blogger blogs. Experts call this as Off page Seo.

Link building for better blogger seo

Number of Back links shows the quality of a blog. That will definitely give more importance for your blog in search engines. But you can manually build better back links. What you need is hard work, Finding similar niches and commenting in that blogs, helping your readers by providing valuable links worth reading etc will definitely improve back-links to your blog and that will improve blogger seo. Link building can easily done by forum posting and submitting it to free blog directories.

Manual Search Engine submission and Submitting sitemap

I already discussed search engine submission in this post. You can easily submit blogger blog sitemap to search engines. Read this post for creating blogger blog site map and submitting it to search engines.

There are plenty of methods for improving blogger seo. I think you all are happy with this tutorials. If you have nay suggestions or better tweaks please let me know about it.

Disclaimer: This post is not yet completed. More relevant contents will be updated as soon as i can.

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    I use blogger for my blog and i feel it might be lacking – like you said – certain SEO benefits. Nevertheless building links for your blogs will definitely rank you higher

    • ramnadh ( says

      Thanks for your response. Building back links is always beneficial..

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    This is a very informative post about the SEO tips .SEO Tips to help you improve your search engine rankings and traffic.All your content is useful and informative.

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