Best Resources for Getting Mobile Apps, Games, Themes and Wall Papers

Mobile phones are one of the most selling electronics equipment in the last decade. Nowadays most of the people started using mobile phones. In India users of mobile phones are increasing in a much faster way. You will find phones with every single person out there. Some of them are very crazy to buy latest models filling it with as many as good mobile apps and best of musics, themes, games etc. Most of them always look for best software’s for their mobile phone.

How many of you are aware about the resources available over the internet to supercharge your mobile. Here I will introduce some of the best websites for software’s, games, ring tones and many more.

Popular Websites For Mobile Apps, Games etc

Get jar

Getjar is my favorite site in this list. I am not saying it is the most popular website for mobile applications. It is not an all in one solution for mobile free stuffs. But getjar is known for its availability of wide range of apps. There are plenty of applications available for different areas of interest.

getjar also have very good collection of popular mobile games, lots of wall papers. Good collection of apps categorized according to user needs.


Zedge is one of the most popular among the mobile users. They are offering millions of Mobile themes, wall papers, ring tones and many more. Almost 743k themes are available in Zedge. Which is showing how deep is their free mobile files collection. They don have much bigger apps collection. But useful best for getting wall papers and themes.


What I love about mobile9 is their mobile eBook collection. But you should register with them to download an eBook from their gallery. Mobile9 is considered as one best resource for mobile apps, games, books, wallpapers, ring tones etc.

You will find everything for most of the mobile OS out there. Best example is they having huge collection of jar type eBooks which will work with earlier versions of nokia like 2600 2600c etc.


Mobiles24 is also a popular site for free mobile stuffs. They also serving apps for wide range of mobile phones. They are having very good collection of apps for android powered mobile phones. Some popular games, android eBooks , apps etc.

registration is a must to download anything from their collection. Mobiles24 have 5 million users and some 4 lack file collection.


One another popular website for mobile apps, games and themes. I came across this website while searching for Nokia lumia 900 review. They are having wide range of collection of free stuffs. But known for their mobile games collection.


It is the mobile app store of Brothersoft website. They are known for wide range of collection of software’s in any kind of device. You will find Mobile Games, applications and wallpapers.


There are thousands of websites out there for mobile apps. This list only includes a small list of websites for mobile app collection. I would like to mention about android market and I tunes store, which is the source for mobile apps for android phones and I phones.

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