Need more Facebook likes? Some Recommended WordPress Plugins

Facebook Recommendations bar

We always wish to see 100’s of Facebook likes on pages, thousands of fans and 100’s of Facebook shares. But most of time it is not happening with your blog. I am very curious to see such figures in my blog as well. But not expecting such great figures in the near future.  Here at traffic from […]

Best Facebook Apps to Autopilot Social Media Sharing of Blog Posts


Earlier in this blog I shared some tips to autopilot social media shares. Please make a look at automatic sharing of blog updates to twitter and Facebook. It works using feedburner feed syndication. Recently I started a new blog and tried to use this service. But it is missing and not available for newly burned feeds. But twitter […]

Best Ways To Use Facebook Chat Away From Facebook


Facebook is one of the most used and popular social networking site.Facebook is in heart of every person because of its cool features. They launched Facebook chat for their all users in 2008, which increases its popularity to a higher level. Now Facebook have over 800Million members and still growing. To chat with facebook friends you don’t need to login to Facebook. […]

Facebook Messenger for Windows 7 Download


Facebook is one of the best social networking website. There are a lot of chat software’s available for Facebook chat. Some of them are, skype etc. Facebook introducing their own Facebook messenger and it is available for download. It has some awesome features . Look at the screen shots given below. You can accept friend requests, read notifications and reading messages.

Create Facebook Fan Page a Must Have for Your Brand or Business

Create Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the recent past. And it is still going strong. Facebook is not just only for entertainment but it got some great power of enhancing your business. If you are an online entrepreneur or webmaster you may already created your Facebook fan page. So having a Facebook […]

How to Enable and Activate Facebook Timeline [Video]

Facebok timeline

How to enable Facebook timeline for your profile. This is very simple and follow this simple steps as shown in the video. If you can’t able to see the video please visit Facebook timeline and just follow the steps. This is some what very great new look for Facebook. Now every body can enable this timeline […]

How to create a facebook account

What is facebook Facebook is a very popular social-networking website. Facebook allows anyone to create their own profiles for free. Facebook almost covered over 880,000,000 UniqueVisitors (users) and 1 trillion page views. You can check here