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Grammar check and Spell check tool works using a popular service from Automatic "Afterthedeadline". In three ways this tool will be very helpful. Spell checking, Grammar correction and commonly for proof reading your articles.

Grammar Checking

Have a look at meaning of Grammar according to Wikipedia "Grammar is the set of structural rules that govern the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language". Which means good grammar is a very important part of any language. English is a common language and many are using english in their daily life. Good english is always good for getting better attention among others.Grammar Check Tool

There is no age limit for learning grammar. If you are not good in english you have to learn it if there is a reason to learn it. This grammar check tool will be useful for students, bloggers, proof readers teachers and kind of people those who love to improve their english.

This particular grammar checker tool will easily identify grammatical mistakes and will also identify confusing words. Have a look at a small example and suggestion showing for the same

Spell Checking

Spell Check ToolThis tool will help you to find common spelling mistakes that you are committing while writing an article. This free online spell checker will be very useful for students and bloggers.

Dictionary is one of the necessary to learn any language. Earlier I used hand dictionaries to understand spelling mistakes. After time being I started using online dictionaries. But these methods are always time-consuming. This spell checker will help you to understand spelling mistakes with amazing speed.

Have a look at this simple example of showing your spelling mistakes and showing nearest suggestions.


Understand Working of Grammar Check

Visit Grammar Check. Copy paste entire text document on the box showed above and Click proof read button. Wait untill it shows grammatical errors or showing a pop up to indicate an error free content. Grammatical errors will showed as under lined with a green color and spelling mistakes underlined with blue color. To create error free contents click on a particular error and change it according to the suggestions.

Not happy with this tool? Please have a look at the list of number of tools that i sorted out for making fruitful contents. Grammar check tools.

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