Free and Premium Resume Templates

Signature -CV Resume Portfolio Html Template

Are you getting bored with your normal Resume Templates in a paper. Then here it is some of the popular resume or CV website templates. Need to know more about resumes? Advanced website resume templates will be explained later. Have a look at the advantages of a perfect resume. According to WikiPedia: A résumé is a document used […]

Responsive Design Testing Tool and Bookmarklet

Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

Recently we launched a tool for web designers and developers to test responsive design. Responsive design testing tool will help you to easily test your website for its responsiveness. This is beta version of this tool and we are working on it to improve its accuracy. Accuracy of this tool is not guaranteed because of many […]

Change permalinks after moving from Blogger to WordPress

WordPress Logo

Our aim is to change the change the permalink structure of WordPress blog after blogger to WordPress migration. At the end of this article all of your old links will redirect to new custom links, Stripping html part, month and year. We also add slash at the end of the link. How to Blogger permalinks to WordPress […]

Play FlappyBird Game Online

Flappy Bird online

Flappybird was a nice game for Android and iPhone which is already removed from both stores. It is old style game which is very funny. Playing is amazingly easy, Just fly through pipes either through mouse click or just though taps in mobile devices.

Vubetube Responsive Video Blogger Template

VubeTube Video Blogger Template

Vubetube is a free blogger template for video bloggers. It is not just limited to video bloggers, it is perfect for those who like to share videos in their blog. This blogger template will automatically generate video thumbnails from YouTube videos and  DailyMotion videos. If you are just sharing videos from these sites vubetube video […]

Twitter Bootstrap Button Generator For Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap button

Today I am very pleased to release new version of our bootstrap button code generator. This should help developers for quick development of web applications using latest version of bootstrap (Bootstrap 3.x.x). It supports different color buttons, different sizes, links, button and submit buttons. This tool supports glyphicon icons as well. bootstrap 3 button generator New […]

Blogger Adsense Ad Code Converter

Ad code converter

In new blogger templates, direct Adsense integration wont work. Adsense code script when run directly from a template won’t give desired ads, instead display blank space. To solve this problem we need to change the html > < into HTML entities. Blogger Ad Code Converter will change the desired entities and that will help you […]