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Blogging is some what helping others more than just making money. Income is also an important for our daily needs and blogging expenses. Most of people will think why we need a domain when there are plenty of free blogging sites like blogger, tumblr out there to start blogs with out spending a penny. A self hosted blog or website have a lot of advantages comapred with a free blog. We will have more control over every thing associated with our blog.

Before creating this blog I didn’t believe much in WordPress and features of WordPress. This is my first blog in WordPress and I can feel the full control that I am having on this site.

Today I am going to explain how to select your domain name. I am not saying that am best in selecting a good name. But I can guide you if you are searching for a good domain name. We know the importance of a memorable name like yahoo, google etc. We never forget such names once heard. I am sorry if you are not sure what a domain name, domain etc. So a domain name is one which ends with .com,.info,.net etc which gives an identity for your website. Still confused?

From Wikipedia Domain Name

A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet. Domain names are hostnames that identify Internet Protocol (IP) resources such as web sites. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS).

Finding a Perfect Domain Name

Before going through the steps you should select a perfect niche for your blog. Selecting a niche have many phases. This part is simplified because people have to think a lot than reading a lot.

Niche blogging or Generic blogging

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market. It is definition according to wikipedia. Which is the perfect explanation about niche bllogging. Making money with a niche blog is easier because of highly targeted audience.

Generic blogging is some what opposite. In generic there may not have a particular topic and used to blog about any topic that we loves.In generic blogging  monetization is a bit difficult.

There are plenty of other factors out there while selecting a niche for your blog. So I am not going to deliver you into big confusions. So select a niche and proceed towards naming your website.

Naming your Website

Do some research about what people are searching in google about your niche or related topics. That might help us to find a some common keywords for our website. Use Google Keyword Research tool is the perfect tool for searching some keywords. And use a domain name registrar to check availability of that name. What will you do if that name is not available with .com extention. If that exact name is not available do find similar names or nearest names using this name suggestion tool. I will always suggest you to buy a domain name with .com extention. There are also country specific domin extensions like .in . Unless your blog is only targeting the audience of a specific country, I would not suggest you to register a country specific domain.

Other than .com there are plenty of other domain extensions are avilable like .net, .org and .info. .net and .org domain extensions are also popular,so I recommend you to register a name with .net or .org extension if a domain name with exact keyword is not yet registered.

Many big gurus used to say never buy a fresh domain name. Instead buy an established domain name for faster growth of your wbsite. But I never recommnd you to do so, buy a fresh domain name or deleted name and build your own brand. Do proper research about quality of a deleted domain name before registeration.

I took almost one month to select this name for my blog. I don’t know you really loved it or not, but I love I have some strong reasons for taking When I started this blog I wasn’t aware of a good domain name and didn’t think about niche blogging. Ie why I selected a Generic name which can be used to build any kind of website.

  • A small name having 7 characters and no dashes between.
  • sky+afar sounds something meaningful.
  • It is easy to remember.
  • some of my friend’s speak out wow after hearing the same.

In my opinion you can use these suggestions

Points to remeber

  • Your blog name should be as small as you can
  • Try to go for a top level extension
  • A name which is easy to remember
  • Ask your friends about your new name
  • Make sure to stay very close to keywords if you are building a niche based website

Which company you should select to host your domain? Here it is some of the popular domain registrar companies out there for registering your blog name.

Finding the Best Registrar

I should suggest a big company named Godaddy. Since it is a famous company you can expect some good responsibility from them and  you can buy a domain name for just $7.49.
Namecheap is a one of the leading ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. Company  was founded in 2000. Today, Namecheap has over 800,000 clients and over 3 million domains under its management.

Any way domain is registered using another company Bigrock. I have some reason for purchasing domain name via bigrock. They are coming with a lot of free services with every domain. Eg: 2 free Email ids, Free DNS, Free privacy protection and many more. Use or as coupon code to get up to 25%discount on your first bill.

I hope that you already purchased a suitable name for your website. Now you can read the next step

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So simple to start your own domain blog?....i thought it is some difficult and take time and require techinical support from hosting agents.