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We always remember persons with attractive names. A name is a word or term used for identification. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. An attractive name for your business is an added advantage along with your hard work. Here I will discuss about Wordoid which helps you to find a very good name for your blog/website. Most of the business(Company)online known with their domain names. Big names like Google, yahoo etc. Are you planning to start a new business or blog, wordoid is a very good solution to help you t find a better domain name.

There are plenty of domain name suggestion tools available online. I did used some other tools for finding domain names. Here it is some of the advantages of  Wordoid and tips for finding good names.

Example of Wordoid Result

 Above result showing some of the domain name suggestions for popular keyword 'seo'. I am not happy with the above result. But I found good name suggestions for some other popular keywords.

There are plenty of options available to find perfect name for your blog. You can find domain name in 5 languages. English, Spanish, french, Italian and German. Ie not enough about this name suggestion tool. You can play lot more with it. You can easily get suggestions for your business by putting keywords within different places.

Wordoid in default configuration is best way to find a good domain name. Ie Almost natural with keyword at the beginning. Set the word length limit to 10 or below that. You can go for keyword anywhere in domain name for competitive keywords.

Earlier in my WordPress Diary Tutorials I discussed about getting a domain name for your blog. Along with that tutorial wordoid will help you to find very good names.

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