Install Android on Nokia S60v5

Install Android on Nokia. You may wonder how it is possible. Then there is a small trick to get this huge hack. Don't think this will change your entire Nokia Symbian software and replace it with Android. This particular application will help you to install android on Nokia to get same interface as that like of Nokia.  I was looking for some thing similar kind of application for my friend. I didn't get any thing and left it after long search. But recently I come across a website and checked this application with my friend's phone. It was working fine. So i would like to share this simple info with my readers. 

If you don know more about android please make a look at what Wikipedia telling about Android OS

What Is Android?

Android is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led byGoogle. 

Have a look at the User Interface on Samsung Nexus

Install Android on Nokia To Get User Interface

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Imagine your Nokia phone with similar kind of User interface. To install  android on Nokia continue reading.

Mobile requirements

This particular app is working well with Symbian 60V5. So given list include Nokia phones having the Symbian 60V5

Nokia 5800
Nokia N8

Nokia N97
Nokia C5-03

Nokia 5530
Nokia C6

Nokia 5230
Nokia C6-01

Nokia 5233
Nokia C7

Nokia X6
Nokia E7

So this application will work fine with above given mobile phones.

How to Install Android on Nokia(Only User Interface)

To Know more about this read this particular tutorial. In this tutorial he is explaining all about installing Android 2.1 User Interface on a Nokia 5230. Read all comments and tutorial if you have any Bug or Problems with this application.

Install Android 2.1 UI on Nokia S60v5 mobile

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If you know any similar kind of software, don't forget to mention here as your valuable comment. I am also looking for similar kind of Applications to share with my friends.

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nice website...and very use ful news...
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nice trick thanks for share, I'm going to grab my favorite android apps for my Nokia X6
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The file You are looking for... may be deleted by the user or by the Administrator ! i want this app
Please check the resource link for more information.
thanks for a useful info!
yar this is joke,you just trying to show us a GDESK theme which is very large on ram and memeory,you said android 2.1,you should further not tell lie.still thanks. tbis should be Install Android 2.1 UI on Nokia S60v5 mobile like get android theme in s60v5 phone i comment just to save other user to escape. moreover you can google with the term like : HT EMULATOR ,ANDROID EMULATOR, BLACKBERRY EMULATOR adding s60v5
Thanks for your response. I already mentioned it na? This theme will change only "user interface of Nokia s60v5"
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