Pinterest Clone Responsive Blogger Template with Grid Layout

Responsive blogger template is a clean and minimal blogger template, suitable for any kind of blogger.But perfect to showcase photographs and portfolio because of responsive nature of home page. Another quality and unique feature of Responsive is custom home page with grid layout which will make it look like a pinterest clone. Auto zoom of posts on hover making it more attractive among other blogger templates.Even though home page is fully responsive posts and pages have fixed width layout to give best user experience. Left sidebar in all pages including home page for easy navigation and better user experience.

Features of Responsive Blogger Template

  • Responsive
  • Minimal
  • Custom Fonts
  • Fixed width post pages
  • Powered With css3
  • Easy to use
  • Easily customizable
  • Left Sidebar

About Adding Logo

Current theme does not have any logo embedded with it. We also recommend to use text Heading for your blogger blog. If you prefer to add a logo your logo should be 330*35 in dimension.

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Have a look at the demo and if satisfied can start download now to use it on your blogger blog. You need to Tweet about this blogger template to start download.

Download file includes XML blogger template and some images that we are using in this template. Keep that images safe it will become useful in case of accidental deleting of images from my blogger blog account.
Don't forget to share it with your friends. That might help it to reach more audience and bloggers. If there is any problem you can ask for a support by commenting here.

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I want to change my blog to a Pinterest style. I downloaded your responsive blogger template but it's a mess. I am assuming it's operator error(me). Could you please send instructions for a "dummy" to install. Thank you !!
Unzip the file downloaded and upload the blogger template through your admin area. I tested it and it should work.
I need step by step instructions for what to do once you unzip the file. I am not savvy with doing this. Thanks
Hello, I'm really struggling to change elements of the mobile css. Any ideas? I'm perfectly happy identifying the elements i wish to change, and writing the css, but I can't target the mobile specific styles. For example, on the mobile display, I wish to hide the date-header from the article list: I've tried: .mobile .date-header {display: none;} but not luck. I cannot change any element of the mobile specific style sheet. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you looking for a General responsive Design Advice? or asking a question about this theme?.
This theme, sorry for not being clear.
This theme is not 100% responsive. Width and alignment will only adjust according to the browser(PC, tabs). Since blogger have built in mobile templates I didn't give much importance to mobile CSS. Any way I am editing this theme to make it 100% responsive... Thanks for your coment.
Sorry, i don't think i'm being very clear. All i want to do is add some custom CSS to remove the date header from the post list. But: .date-header {display: none;} doesn't work because the css editor appears to only target the main css, not the mobile.
I hope it is your requirement. “Need to remove date header while viewing in mobile phones?” @media only screen and (max-width: 470px ){ .date-header {display: none;} } This will hide elements with class “date-header” when screen size is lower than 470px.
i cannot download the template?the download page is shows an error when we sign in with twitter plz help
Thanks for noticing me about this error. Actually that is a third party service. I hope it will ok soon.
Hi, can you clone a blogger template. I want one converted so i can use it on my blog. Please reply soon.
Yes. Great template