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Lightgreen under construction template is a fluid template. It is suitable for creating coming soon pages. This template can also used as a landing page to get some subscribers before your project launch.

LightGreen is coming with a countdown feature. It will help to give a message to readers about the launch. There is some more advanced features available with this template. Email sign-up form can easily embed to this template so we can easily get some subscribers before the launch. Right now we are using mailchimp email sign-up form for testing purposes.

Lightbox plugin added with this under construction template to showcase our latest projects as portfolio.

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Features of  under construction template

- Bootstrap 2.2.x(This template is compatible with bootstrap version 2.2.x)

- Countdown Timer

- Latest Tweets

- About Us

- Contact Us

- Conversion Forms

- Social Media Buttons

-HTML5 validated

Screenshots - Free Under Construction Template - LightGreen

Contact Form

How to set up Countdown feature

We are using jQuery Countdown plugin to add a counting feature, which will help to let the visitors about the launch of your project. Now read how we can easily set the countdown using this plugin. Just above tag search for this code.

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
$(function () {
var austDay = new Date();
austDay = new Date('November 25, 2013 00:01:00');
$('#defaultCountdown').countdown({until: austDay, layout: '{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mn} {ml}, and {sn} {sl}'});
jQuery(function($) {
username: "skyafar",
join_text: "auto",
count: 2,
loading_text: "loading tweet...",
template: "{time} {text}"

// ]]></script>

Search for above code inside template and change the date where it showing "austDay = new Date('November 25, 2013 00:01:00');".

jQuery Tweet: This template includes an option to display latest tweet from your twitter profile. For that we are making use jQuery Tweet plugin. Right now we are displaying latest tweet from Skyafar. You can change your twitter user name and number of tweets by making small change in above mentioned script which is already included with the theme.


count:2 or 1

We included lightbox 2, if you need to showcase your recent projects or portfolio works.

Find this in (template start Project images(lightbox)) and replace thumbnail images and project images with your own images. Make sure that you uploaded all those images to folder images/examples/.

Sources and Credits

Images are taken from default lightbox 2 images. Along with twitter bootstrap we also use below mentioned plugins to spice this template.

Preview Button Pinterest Clone Responsive Blogger Template with Grid Layout

Tweet to Download instantly

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You may need to tweet about this under construction template to download it instantly.

More under construction templates can be found here: Free and Premium Templates.

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