Learn HTML using Mozilla Thimble - an HTML Editor For Beginners

Need to learn HTML fast and easily? Here it is one of the best online free HTML editor tool to start learning HTML. It is Thimble app from Mozilla where we can learn basics of html in real-time. Learning HTML is not such a difficult task compared with other programming languages. But most of the beginners taking it as a very difficult language to learn. If you are started with thimble you will feel learning HTML as one of the easiest task just like writing a letter. Figure below indicates a screen shot of thimble app.

Features of Thimble HTML Editor

As I mentioned earlier, it is one of the perfect and easiest tool for beginners. Here it is some more features of Thimble HTML editor.

Thimble offers side-by-side code editor and code output which help new users see immediate results.

Can able to publish our projects online so that we can see our HTML page working from any where around the web.

Compatible with most of the browsers. I checked it with 4 browsers and is working fine in all three browsers.

Perfect tool for beginners since there is a publish feature that Mozilla embedded with it along with other cool features.

Use Mozilla Thimble to start learning HTML. Any way I never recommend it for advanced users.Adobe Dreamweaver or any other offline HTML editor is the best choice for advanced users.

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