Codesignwall Under Construction HTML Template

Here it our first freebie from Anyway we are starting with an under construction HTML template. This have a countdown option, which will count downwards. Codesignwall Under Construction HTML Template is suitable for those who are planning to launch their new website.

Installation - Under Construction Template

Download the file and unzip the entire folder. Folder will contain a index.html, style.css and two folders named JS and images.

Open index.html it using any of text editors and find these codes. As shown in the fig

Replace date with your own date. You are done, countdown is ready and can move towards the next step.

Changing the Social media buttons

Here we need to search for these codes in index.html file.

Replace all those urls with your own.

Download Codesignwall Under Construction HTML Template

Preview Codesignwall Under Construction HTML Template


DownloadCodesignwall Under Construction HTML Template