Vubetube Responsive Video Blogger Template

Vubetube is a free blogger template for video bloggers. It is not just limited to video bloggers, it is perfect for those who like to share videos in their blog. This blogger template will automatically generate video thumbnails from YouTube videos and  DailyMotion videos. If you are just sharing videos from these sites vubetube video blogger template is the perfect choice for your blogger powered blog.

VubeTube Video Blogger Template

VubeTube Blogger Template

Features of Video Blogger Template

  • Responsive design:
  • Automatic video Thumbnails
  • YouTube and DailyMotion support
  • Related Videos
  • Drop down menu
  • Number of columns depends on-screen size
  • Nice label widget
  • 3 column footer widget
  • And many more

Preview and Download Vubetube


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